Deputy Administrative Director January 2017-May 2021 Executive Board Member & General manager

Manage all the hospital management, International Department and replace on behalf of investors M&A program, DD and selling hospital procedures and completed all process for hospital legal issues and financial issues



An industry leader with an international track record, solid experience at establishing and managing provider networks, entrepreneurial skills, proven outcomes, and cultural versatility.

Expert at strategic business management, facility planning and establishment, organizational development, operational and clinical engineering, merger and acquisitions, and health tourism.

Leadership values engraved in integrity, passion, collaboration, communication, clarity, consistency, commitment, engagement, performance, change, innovation, learning organization, winning culture, and social responsibility.



Founded and managed Medibiz Health Services, a Healthcare Investment, Management, and Consulting firm with 2 Million USD annual revenues as of the end of 2014.

  • Consultant for “VIP Poliklinik” establishing and managing the clinic in 1. Levent/İstanbul for Aesthetics &Plastic Surgery &Healthy Living Program & Neural therapy. Branding and PR activities will be completed in Turkey and abroad. Also establishing the first “Migraine Surgery Clinic and Full Body Lifting Surgery for after Obesity Surgery in Turkey”.
  • Consultant- Assumed the General Manager position to establish the first Academia for Metabolic&Obesity Surgery Center called “Istanbul Obezite Akadamisi” in Istanbul.
  • Assumed the Asst. Chair of Executive Committee position at Near East University Hospital in Cyprus, a tertiary care teaching hospital with 256 beds, to align value chain across the system the achieve the mission and vision of the hospital.
  • Developed and assisted in the implementation of an organization-wide business plan at Adatıp Hospital in Adapazarı to turn the institution around where revenues and %13 EBITDA margin was achieved within the first year.
  • Led facility planning, interior design, and procurement management services of Hospital International de Dakar in Senegal, the first state of art private 120-bed hospital in West Africa.
  • Acted as a third-party administrator of the Ministry of Health Iraq to manage all processes of Iraqi patients sent by the Ministry to be treated at private hospitals in Istanbul.
  • Rotated almost 150 Turkish physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals to see patients perform certain procedures, train professionals, and manage processes outside of Turkey.
  • Representative of Ministry of Iraq patients treatment in Istanbul Medicana Hospital Chain and Group Florence Nightingale Hospital monthly average of 300-400 patients.



Deputy Administrative Director

April 2009-July 2011

Executive Board Consultant for -International Marketing

  • Supervise for International Department for all Medicana Hospital Chain
  • Supervise for all polyclinic, admission, and discharge department
  • Charge procedures, financial analysis, and reports
  • Supervise for Human Resources Department
  • Medical Billing for SGK and private patients
  • Business Development for International Countries
  • Revised the Administrative Standing Orders of the hospital in collaboration with all administrative department directors

MEDICAL PARK HEALTHCARE GROUP Consultant & International Relations Department - December 2007-July 2008

  • Corporate Agreements and Sales for the foreign countries-insurance company, travel agency
  • Supervise for International Patients treatment & surgery
  • Supervise for all polyclinic, admission, and discharge department
  • Charge procedures, financial analysis, and reports
  • Establish Medical Park Göztepe Hospital green field Project, Van Hospital and Antalya Hospital policies and procedures,


Consultant & General Manager - March 2007 - June 2007

  • International Patient Program Exıbition organization
  • Medical Health tourism organization for Turkish Hospitals& workshop and the organize the buyer’s group to meet with Turk Health


International Patient Department Manager - 2005-2007

  • Supervise for International Patients treatment & surgery
  • Corporate Agreements and Sales for foreign countries-insurance agency, travel agency
  • Work with the group of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality for Medical Health Tourism and organize the international fair for the Turkish Health System
  • Work with the TURSAB for Turkish Health System and other healthcare of the medical tourism in Turkey


Patient Relations-Patient Finance Department Manager - 2001-2005

  • Supervise for all polyclinic secretarial work ( Incl: Emergency Clinic, Radiology, Laboratory, Information desk)
  • Supervise for all admission, discharge department (Inc: In-Patient and Out-Patient Surgery, Back office Provider Services)
  • Following charge procedures
  • Departments financial analysis and reports


  • Following all inpatient and outpatient financial status
  • Coordinate to with all bills to sent insurance companies/foreign insurance companies
  • Responsible for medical touırsim of the hospital
  • Work medical and administrative project
  • Work with all insurance companies included all foreign insurance procedures


Co-ordinator In-Patient Relations Services Supervisor - 2000-2001

  • Responsible for admission and discharge department
  • Supervise to admit to discharge patient questions and also solve problems
  • Work together with top management
  • Patient and doctor relations and report to the medical director
  • Organize all hospital beds with the housekeeping department
  • Organize surgery schedule
  • Supervise all ward charge secretaries


Supervisor for Foreign Patient & Insurer - 1999-2000

Services & Finance-Polyclinic Customer Services

  • Working on the issues of making agreements with the foreign insurance companies and/or agencies in Turkey
  • Contact with foreign patient insurance service
  • Organize with foreign patient-doctor at American Hospital and their own country
  • Help transfer to the patient at home
  • Coordinate to all secretaries work at polyclinics area(Hire personal, educated, orientated to hospital rules and regulations)


Co-ordinator For New Wing Pre-opening Organisation 1998-1999

  • Direct report to Chief Executive Officer about pre-opening for the new wing of the hospital
  • Work together with all department chief for their unit what kind of equipment need to be supplied and ordered to purchasing department
  • Organize and manage the functional planning


Nursing Department Assistance - 1993-1998

  • Work with director of the nursing manager
  • Help with dealing all head nurses to the nursing manager
  • Make all ward nurses at the monthly schedule
  • Work together with Human Resources Department to hire nurses applicant
  • Organize orientation program for new beginners

ALBANY Medical Clinic

Volunteer - 1992

  • Polyclinic Department & Customer Relations

TORONTO General Hospital

Internship - 1991

  • Work in the archive department
  • Nursing Department
  • Nurses schedule, meeting organisation
  • Polyclinic Services
  • Customer Relations



Health Management& Hospital Administration


Medical Education


ESL Certificate Program


“Business Administration and Organisation”

1982-1988 - Marmara High School Collage Istanbul/TURKEY


Certificates :

The Language Workshop - Toronto/Canada - October 1991-October 1992

Marc Garneau C.I - Toronto/Canada - February-May 1992

East York Collegiate - Toronto/Canada - February-July 1992

Toronto Board of Education - Toronto/Canada - June-July 1992

Microsoft Windows 95 (Microsoft Corp.) - Istanbul/Turkey - November 1996

Computer Microsoft Excel 7 (Microsoft Corp.) - Istanbul/Turkey - December 1996

Computer Microsoft World 7 (Microsoft Corp.) - Istanbul/Turkey - December 1996

Human Relations& Organisation Behavior(IDEA) - Istanbul/Turkey - January 1999

Human Behavior and Emotional IQ New Trend (AE) - Istanbul/Turkey - January 1999

Foundamental Finance Informations (IDEA) - Istanbu/Turkey - April 1999

ISO 9000 Total Quality Management System (KALDER) - Istanbul/Turkey - February 1999

ISO 9000 Internal Quality Auditor (KALDER) - Istanbul/Turkey - December 1999

ISOFT.Doc Total Quality Management - Istanbul/Turkey - May 2001

ISO 9001-2000 Revision-SGS - Istanbul/Turkey - March 2003

Basic Disaster Awareness Certificafe - Istanbul/Turkey - May 2004

Ahmet Mete Işıkara

Completed Training :

  • Hospital Management & Administration Skills
  • Hospital Leadership Training
  • Hospital DataBase
  • SAP Hospital DataBase Training
  • Private Insurance Agreement and Ordinance
  • Foreign Insurance Agreement and Marketing in Turkey
  • SMS-Altay-Oracle-11, General Hospital DataBase Training, and Installation
  • TEPE Group & Koc System Hospital DataBase Training (Educated in Ankara- the University of Hacettepe and TSK Government Rehabilitation Hospital)-4 Years Program
  • ISO 9000 Mock Survey Plan
  • JCI Accreditation Mock-Survey Plan ACC (Access to Care and Continuity of Care)


Date of Birth : 17.08.1970

Date of Place : Ankara

Nationality : T.C , Canadian Immigrant

Marital Status : One Child (Istanbul, October 20, 1994)

Driving Licence : Class B


A Member of Turkish Healthcare TourismDevelopment Council (THTDC)-Vice President

A Member of Turkish Health Tourism Organization (TUHETO)-Consultant

A Member of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and TURSAB Health Group, Chairperson

A Member of DEIK for Health Tourism-General Secretary

A Member of Ministry of Health in Turkey- Association of Improvement Health Tourism

A Member of Ministry of Economy –Health Organization for Incentive-Consultant-Audit

Kızılay Women Association-Red Cross (Manager of Health)


Happy Patients


Qualified Doctors


Quality Work



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