Beyond the classical call welcoming, he follows, manages, receives feedback and reports on all stages of the services offered to customers, including an online interview (doctor), transfer, satisfaction survey, patient and disease follow-up.

Moneta Assistance Call Center consists of a team experienced in communication and speech techniques. Customer satisfaction is above standards and has experience in managing sensitive and speedy processes such as health.

  • Online 7/24 service is directed to our customers' health care medical consultancy and online doctor interviews.
  • It initiates and monitors the transfer service of our customers from home to medical institutions.
  • In our online 24/7 service, calls are recorded both as voice and video calls.
  • All service customers are followed up to the end of the service and satisfaction measurements are made after the service.
  • Call center uses its own user-friendly and intelligent software which can offer to report every step.
  • Makes technological and one-on-one reminders in chronic disease follow-ups and general patient follow-up processes. It is sensitive to deferred, forgotten situations in health.
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