With our medical staff who are experienced in Health Insurance and Damage Assessment, we aspire to be for the management of your health expenses including the Fund, Foundation, Bank and other reimbursement institutions.

We know the difficult areas of Health Insurance Control of Insurance Companies;

  • Failure to communicate with insured persons (customers) before going to a doctor or health institution
  • The insured does not always know what to do in case of a health problem or suspicion, so that unnecessary expenses occur.
  • The insured does not know well the other contracted physician and health network, which can provide both alternative and material advantages.
  • Invoicing of non-contracted medical institutions, company preference habits, surgical technique, material preferences and lack of prior knowledge of communication. For this reason, customer dissatisfaction and negative operational processes occur, over-average are encountered.
  • Failure to change the preferences and habits of the insured, lack of strong network marketing strategies for change in the sector.
  • The Group / Corporate Health Insurance companies do not have too many contacts in the management of health expenses, administrative and workplace physicians and network and damage management.
  • The lack of a structure in which medical institutions can supervise medical procedures and the presence of unsafe conditions.
  • Difficulty in control of featured materials.
  • Both appropriate and lack of package agreements.

As a solution: Inspection, analysis, imaging, and operation costs our Medical team's Damage Control system, special software, contracted doctor and the corporate network, with our special price agreements and customer-focused services, we provide customer satisfaction on your behalf and we provide. We care about reliable service and we share with you transparently how we define the Moneta Contracted Physician as we mentioned in our doctor contracts;

"Moneta Contracted Physician" who is in a private network; All Moneta Digital Health Platform system that specifies by confirming irreversible, clear and accurate information about the process of disease formation, the duration of the complaint and the duration of the initial diagnosis, acting with absolute medical indications (requirements) and high ethical values for the diagnosis and treatment of rights holders It is a valuable member of the MonetaAssistans Family, who accepts to comply with the communication processes, owns this system and expresses its problems and suggestions in terms of development and solution and acts in the framework of confidentiality, and has agreed to serve in accordance with these principles.

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