Historical inns, baths, bazaars and places of worship await you, our valued visitors, on daily tours where we can enjoy our city at any time. Among the places that host the most guests, Beyazıt Square, Coppersmiths' Bazaar, Booksellers' Bazaar, Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar can be counted.

In addition to these, Istiklal Street, which has hosted people from all nationalities in every period of the Ottoman Empire and whose old name is Cadde-i Kebir, will offer you the opportunity to spend a pleasant day. Taksim Republic Monument, French Consulate General, Ayia Trias Church, Taksim Ağa Mosque, Nevizade, Çiçek Passage, Galatasaray Museum, Algeria Street, Saint Antoine Church, Panayia Greek Orthodox Church, Tunnel Square, Asmalı Mescit, Pera Palace, Pera Museum, Galata Tower, Karaköy district and Galata Bridge are among the must-see places and offer you the opportunity to spend a wonderful day and experience unforgettable moments.

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