We are with you in diseases that require regular follow-up of all processes such as hypertension, diabetes, COPD.

We know that knowledge and education are 25-40% effective in maintaining a life compatible with the disease and we are making reminders with our expert teams.

Our team of experts, in accordance with the program periodically, except for reminders, the transfer to the home or workplace to carry out inspections, if necessary, transported to the contracted health institutions.

With the regular review of the health information of people under the Chronic Disease Monitoring Program, we also monitor the processes in line with the course of the disease.

In line with the Chronic Disease Monitoring Program, our doctors provide on-site, telephone or video calls. We provide feedback about your health status by evaluating the current examinations and quickly reaching our physicians.

On the other hand, a regular health file of our members who are in the Chronic Disease Monitoring Program is kept. When requested, they can reach this information chronologically.

It is an important criterion for Insurance Companies to be in the regular follow-up program in order to ensure that the policies of the policyholders with Chronic Disease continue to be subject to premiums and renewal processes with more favorable conditions.

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