The rapid development in the tourism sector, especially after the 1980s, is remarkable. It is observed that the tourists visiting our country have come to demand the elimination of their health problems as well as accommodation, food and beverage and entertainment.

The favorable geographical location of our country, its natural wealth, its ability to provide cheap and high-quality health services, its second place in Europe in terms of the most preferred thermal resources, make Turkey popular in health tourism and become a preferred country.

Especially in the field of plastic and aesthetic surgery, check-up services, physical therapy rehabilitation areas, dental aesthetics, hair transplantation with the latest technology tools used on the basis of both low cost and quality attracted the attention of foreign patients. Other clinical branches preferred by patients coming from abroad are gynecology, internal medicine, ophthalmology, medical biochemistry, general surgery, orthopedics and traumatology, infectious diseases and ear - nose - throat. Health tourism continues to develop and renew itself due to the increasing average age of the world population and the increasing acceptance of alternative health methods.

Despite the increase in the number of private health institutions around the world, the fact that health services are relatively cheaper in our country compared to other countries in the world increases the number of tourists coming for treatment.


We can explain the advantages of choosing our country as follows.

  • Turkey is geographically located in the middle of Asia and Europe. Due to its location close to both the Middle East and European countries, it can serve patients living in both western and eastern countries.
  • The ease of transportation offered by a national airline brand that flies to the most destinations in the world, such as Turkish Airlines, is another reason why our country is preferred.
  • It is cheaper than other countries and has a competitive price advantage.
  • Another advantage is that our country's hospitals have sufficient capacity, technology and trained physicians who speak foreign languages. Turkey Medical Tourism Report confirms this.
  • Another important advantage in making health tourism attractive is that our country has riches that are not available in some countries. The main ones are rafting tourism, nature tourism, health-spa tourism, highland tourism.

When we look at the statistics in the context of world tourism movements, it is seen that our country, which increases the diversity of alternative tourism in health tourism, increases its competitiveness day by day. This indicates that Turkey will be one of the most important players in the health tourism sector in the coming years.

Health Services in Turkey
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